Air, oil, fuel filters for inner combustion engines, air cabin filters...

TECNECO manufactures and sales round, pocket and industrial air filters,
spin-on oil filters and oil filters elements, spin-on and in-line fuel filters
and fuel filters elements, particle and activated carbon combi cabin air filters.

Our filters program combines together more than 1.500 products
and it covers 95% of all European cars circulation and part of Asian too.
Our filters are all manufactured by advanced production machinaries
and trusting control systems, using suitable and specific materials agreed
with rules required by vehicles manufacturers.

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Metelli was established on 1st August 1962 as a mechanical engineering workshop.
In 1970, the company started producing engine parts and, in 1975, began manufacturing hydraulic brake and clutch parts.

A further boost to expansion came in 1991 with the installation of the line for the production of constant velocity joints, later expanded in 1999 to include driveshafts as well. Meanwhile, Metelli Co. merged with Cifam Co. in 1996, a group company established in 1979 to manufacture brake and hydraulic clutch parts.

In July 2001, Metelli Co. acquired 100% of GRAF Co., a well-known manufacturer of water pumps and brake discs for car industry.
In order to complete the braking range, the brake pads have been introduced in 2008 and brake shoes in 2010.


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